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Online Support Center

Here you find all the information you need on the integration, configuration and use of Paazl  
   Need any help? Just  contact support .


Integrating Paazl into e-commerce, WMS and ERP systems using our API.


On the day-to-day use of Paazl, like searching and changing shipments.


Find all the information on our off-the-shelf extensions:

Paazl product blog

Tips, tricks and updates

URLMigration.jpg As of March 21st the URL of Paazl's online application has changed: is now You will be redirected automatically. You may be prompted to enter your stored user-name and password again. Note: only the URL of the online application has changed. The URL for API-calls remains the same. Difficulties printing labels? Enable pop-ups for the new URL Do you use our online application to print labels? And are labels not appearing?…
FadelloPaazl.jpg The latest addition to the Paazl platform is Fadello, a carrier specializing in same-day delivery. With sharp prices and late cut-off times Fadello allows you to compete with the best in the business. Combined with Paazl's check-out technology you are now free to offer this service in no-time. So go ahead and test same-day delivery and please your customers. For more information about Fadello and Paazl, call us at +31 (0)20 773 63 03.…
New in Paazl - June 2016
PickUpPointCOD.jpg Following our releases in June Paazl now includes a range of interesting new features and shipping options: Paazl Perfect Cash on Delivery Our 'delivery check-out' Paazl Perfect now offers better support for Cash-on-Delivery at Pick-up points. Customers can now easily sort and select Pick-up points at which they can pay upon collecting their parcel (including an extra fee).…
New: Paazl Analytics
AnalyticsScreen.jpg As a successful online retailer you thousands of parcels each month. But where to? Using which shipping options? And how is this evolving? To help you answer these questions Paazl presents Analytics – a first step towards a complete business intelligence solution for your e-commerce logistics. How to access Paazl Analytics? You will now find Paazl Analytics under Order Overview in the main menu of your online Paazl account…
OnlineSupportCenter.jpg Welcome to the brand new Online Support Center. From now on you can find answers to all your questions regarding Paazl via this one easy-to-use portal. Check back regularly for new guides, tips, and updates on our latest features. Content of the Online Support Center Section Explanation Key audience Integrating Documentation on integrating Paazl via our API Developers Configuring Guides on configuring settings in Paazl, such as your Delivery Matrix,…
Flow.png Did you know you can now use Paazl to send out multiple Track & Trace updates for a single shipment? A unique way of improving your brand experience during the delivery process. > Read more on configuring multiple Track & Trace updates Not available? Get in touch. Are these functionalities not available in your account? Get in touch with your account manager for more information.

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